Do you battle to stay wakeful amid work and different exercises and you don’t know why? Could sleep apnea or another condition be the guilty party?

Sometimes it’s hard to determine the reason. Here is data that can point you in the right course and help you discover the treatment that works best for you.

What Is Excessive Sleepiness?

Sleepiness is likely an issue for you if:

  • You experience difficulty waking in the morning
  • You regularly feel sleepy amid your waking hours
  • Naps don’t help
  • In addition to these symptoms you may also have:
  • No appetite
  • Issue with concentration or memory
  • Being easily irritated

Around 20% of grown-ups have sleepiness so extreme that it’s hard for them to do day to day things.

Conditions That Can Cause Sleepiness

Not getting enough sleep, this is the most well-known reason for extreme sleepiness. Working during the evening and sleeping amid the day is another. Different causes include medication, liquor, or cigarette use, absence of physical action, weight, and the utilization of specific drugs.

Be that as it may, falling asleep when you need or should be alert may likewise be brought on by a fundamental condition. Depression or a sleep issue -, for example, restless leg syndrome, sleep apnea, or narcolepsy – are basic reasons for sleepiness.