More research is finding that being overweight and having sleep disorders can be linked

In a study distributed in the Worldwide Journal of Weight, for instance, researchers from the University of Tallinn found that among 6,400 women over 35, the individuals who battled with sleep disorders were significantly more prone to be overweight than their companions who get all the sleep they need.

Weight gain can lead to sleep disorders and sleep disorders can lead to depression and weight gain, it’s a vicious cycle that is hard to break.

In another at the University of California, Dr. Manning and his partners found that men who were sleeping only five hours a night put on two pounds inside one week.

Dr. Manning’s comment: “Getting less rest alone is not going to prompt obesity. In any case, when individuals get too little sleep, it drives them to eat more than they really require.”

Recently distributed study has likewise discovered that the nature of our eating regimens influences rest. When we eat more healthy and less fast food, we rest a lot better during the evening. Sleep disorders are directly linked to bad eating habits.