People often want to know about “cures” for sleep apnea. Cure is a term loosely used by big companies who sell appliances that will treat your condition. You should not mistake treatment for cure, as cure is 100% getting rid of your problem.

The two conceivable cures for sleep apnea include:

– Losing weight

– Surgery

Losing weight:

  • Weight is the most serious thing affecting an individual’s danger and seriousness of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). There is a solid connection between’s high body mass index and sleep apnea, overweight people can have restricted airflow, which can prompt breathing blockage.
  • In spite of the fact that not everybody who has OSA is overweight, but many are.
  • There have been a couple studies that have exhibited cured sleep apnea that is connected with a weight loss.
  • Getting thinner when overweight can be a challenge. Besides, getting fit is a slow procedure that does not yield wanted outcomes quickly.
  • There are surgical choices for weight reduction. There have been some studies that showed a lessened sleep apnea after bariatric surgery.
  • Despite the fact that getting thinner when overweight has shown to lessen and, at times, take care of obstructive sleep apnea in many people, it doesn’t work for all.

Surgical Options – Sleep Apnea Surgery

There are a couple of surgical alternatives that can possibly offer cure for sleep apnea.

As specified above, bariatric surgery works by lessening body weight which decreases the probability of having obstructive sleep apnea.

There are likewise upper airway surgeries that have been successful at diminishing and sometimes disposing of sleep apnea. These surgeries are normally performed by Ear Nose Throat specialists.

The vast majority of the surgeries work by evacuating or contracting the additional tissues that encompass the upper airway, in this manner expanding the width of it.

Like with most medicine, these treatments are powerful for some, while not for everyone. With all surgeries, there are potential dangers connected with these surgeries.